Competition motorsport service vehicles

Competition Motorsport

Clark Motorsport are very experienced in the world of motorsport with a former World Rally Championship driver and engineer in the team, as well as numerous events under our belt. We can help you participate with our range of motorsport services.

Competition Car Preparation

Every competitive driver wants to have the best car possible with the best performance parts, and we can help you achieve that by preparing your car for the events you'll be driving in. Everything from suspension setup and engine management, right up to building a car to your specifications, from the wheels up. There are a number of Clark Motorsport cars competing around the UK and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Rally Car Rental

As well as building rally cars for customers, we have also built a few of our own, and these are available to rent for an event, or for a whole season! We currently have Mitsubishi Evo IX, built to full International specification.

On Event Support

Once you have the right car for the job, Clark Motorsport can help your event go smoothly by providing our purpose built support truck and experienced engineers. The truck is equipped with a wide range of parts for most vehicles, and our engineers have years of experience working on events, including the World Rally Championship.