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DBA - Disc Brakes Australia

Clark Motorsport are the UK distributor for DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) brakes, a renowned brand used by both manufacturers and racing teams all over the world.


DBA brake discs have gained quality certification internationally, including ISO, TUV, and the Technical Specification from the International Organisation of Standardisation, their highest ranking for the auto industry.


Clark Motorsport can offer the full range of DBA products:
DBA Street series: DBA's entry level enhanced performance rotors, offering improved braking straight out of the box. Available in standard, slotted, and cross-drilled variants. Designed for normal street driving conditions.
DBA 4000 series: DBA's mid-series enhanced performance rotor is designed for the spirited street driver or performance modified street vehicle. Packed with performance enhanced features these rotors are available in DBA's unique 6X6 Wiper Slot design, or the premium XS cross-drilled and slotted pattern.
DBA 5000 series: For the serious street or track driver these two-piece performance rotors feature aerospace grade materials for added thermal protection and greater resistance to distortion. Available in DBA's slotted or premium XS cross-drilled pattern.


Visit our online shop to browse our range of DBA products, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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