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Ferodo Brake Pads

Do you have the right brake pads for your driving style?

Clark Motorsport has a wide range of Ferodo brake pads, from their SL range, designed for road use, up to the DS range, made for high performance and motorsport needs.
Choosing a performance brake pad from Ferodo today provides your car with the same level of quality as chosen by the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and most of the top names in motorsport. That's some serious stopping power.
Ferodo brake pads.

  • Are designed to bring you impeccable braking performance, again and again
  • Reduce your stopping distances
  • Increase your braking efficiency
  • Allow you to experience consistent braking, even from cold
  • Are designed to be anti-corrosive so you don't need to worry about brake seizure
  • Have been exhaustively tested to bring you optimum quality every time

You will never have to worry about your brakes failing or overheating again when you have these premium quality brake pads installed in your vehicle. When nothing else is good enough, you can always rely on Ferodo for the very best in quality brake pads.

Visit our online shop to browse our range of Ferodo products, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

For more technical information on brake pads, including what they are made of, how to choose the right brake compound for your race car and much more, visit our Technical Area.

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