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Pagid Brake Pads

Can you afford not to have motorsport quality brake pads?

When you require nothing but the most exceptional braking performance possible, you need to fit PAGID brake pads to your vehicle. Clark Motorsport has the complete range of 9 different brake pad compounds to choose from that were designed for motorsport and road use.

PAGID brake pads...

  • Offer the extreme performance you expect from motorsport quality brake pads
  • Have a very high ceramic material content in their technically perfect racing compounds
  • Are ideal for high speed control
  • Are available in a range of compounds to suite your driving style and budget
  • Offer quick response, quick bite and excellent temperature stability across the range

With the power of PAGID brake pads under your foot you will feel more and more confident every time you need to slow down. Their consistency and spectacular engineering make you feel more in control of your vehicle than ever before.


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