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SFS Performance manufactures and distributes high performance silicone hoses. Whether you're running a race team or want to get the best performance from your road car, SFS Performance can provide the hose you need, when you need it.

Designed to thrive on the high pressures and extreme temperatures found in the high performance engine, SFS Performance hoses won't deteriorate, no matter how much you put them through. Every hose is made by hand by one of their experts. If they don't think a hose is good enough, it won't leave their workshop.

SFS Performance can meet the high specification and time sensitive demands of race teams and their hoses have proven themselves at the highest levels of racing. Many of the world's most prestigious teams and manufacturers use SFS Performance including:


Car Kits

SFS Performance direct replacement hose kits don't just add race-bred style to an engine bay; they also provide peace of mind. Their high performance construction ensures total component reliability, even if you have modified your engine. Clark Motorsport can supply and fit all of the 260+ kits available from SFS in an unrivalled range of colours. New models and applications are being added on a regular basis, but if they don't provide hoses for your car just yet, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

Motorsport Kits

The world's premier Motorsport teams regularly select SFS Performance. Their handmade silicone rubber hoses are constructed from one of the toughest polymers available, making them ideal for the high performance environment. All our hoses handle extremes of temperature (from -60C to +220C) and have superb resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen.

The SFS Performance range of hoses is so comprehensive our customers are able to plumb in any configuration.

Straight Lengths
Straight Coupling Hose
Standard Elbows
Straight Reducers
Reducing Elbows
Hump Hoses
T-Piece Hoses
Wire Reinforced
Vacuum Tubes
Hose Clamps
Hose Joiner


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